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A2B Obree Turning Heads


In the British Museum's Designs of the Year Award online head-to-head, where the public vote for one of two transportation award nominees, A2B's Obree wins the vote by a massive 79%. Each year the Design Museum in London announces shortlists for a range of innovations from across different industries including fashion and architecture. A2B are proud to announce that the Obree has made the final after crushing the competition in the public vote. Success is catching as the bike has also been nominated for an award by the German Design Council.

The Obree was achieved by using new manufacturing methods and via detailed work on the frames. As a result the weight was reduced by hydroforming and the seat tube was produced in one piece increasing strength. Signifiacnt adjustments were made to the system and components. With more countries becoming ever more urban and population growth e-bikes will become a greater part of the transport mix. They are small, nimble, and cleaner than most other forms of transport, hugely cost effective and providing inspiration for years to come.

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